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I'm looking to move to Seattle, WA!

Mu | 28 | they/them/theirs
I primarily run a personal blog, which doubles as my art and original content blog, with some minor reblogging.
My blog and art tag are, on the whole, SFW (with mild tasteful nudity).
If you don't like Penny Arcade or The Aquabats I really don't recommend following me.

I write and draw a webcomic!

Personal commissions are currently closed, but I am currently open for contract work, please see my contact page for details!

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A commission for lexxercise, of a character from her too beautiful comic The Cloud Factory, which you should be reading and I shouldn’t even have to link it but I did anyway. In fact, I’ll link it twice.

Penrose is my not so secret favorite so getting to paid to draw her…ahh…<3

i liked her expression so I included a larger view of it

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