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Sometimes I trace over comics in order to get a feel for how to layout. Usually it never goes beyond silhouettes but this comic is a favorite of mine and I ended up going a little farther.

As in, redrawing the whole thing.


I in no way claim it as my own, it was essentially just practice. But it was fun, mindless and came out pretty cute. I shadowed out the poses over the original comic but I didn’t look at the comic again until it was time to color.

Fun little experiment, anyway. And kind of a weird look at how drastically different mine and Mike Krahulik’s art styles are. We have the same influences, and he’s one of mine, but somehow we’re still incredibly different (the difference being that he’s better).

Original comic is here at the site.

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    gosh this is beautiful
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    Mu, I enjoy penny arcade comics like anyone else with a brain, but I completely adore your genderbent versions of the...