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A couple people have asked me why the sudden change in pronouns.

The reality is I have been considering this for a very very long time, but because I presented as female and was designated female at birth I stuck with feminine pronouns and rolled with the idea of being cis because it was convenient for other people. I didn’t want to confuse anyone, or cause a fuss and honestly? That’s dumb.

I have not been comfortable with she/her/hers in a very very long time. Some days I was okay, other days the reminder that I was female made my skin fucking crawl. 

As it stands now, I genuinely don’t know my gender identity. I just know I’m not a girl. I don’t think I’m a boy. Generally speaking I don’t want to be anything. I’m probably agender? 

I don’t know, man. I just know I want to rip my skin off and throw my uterus away in the garbage.

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zlipstick: write something for aquababies that takes place in detention in either elementary school or early middle school any characters you want but please somehow include the class co-presidents



“Oh my sun god, what are you two doing here.”

Eaglebones winced visibly when Neil (or Bryan? He didn’t actually know which one was which) blew on a kazoo, directly in his face. Bryan (or Neil?) grinned a huge, toothy grin, adjusting his gold baseball hat.

“We’re here to supervise, silly!”


Obviously.” The Koo Koos shot each other a glance in unison, mirroring grins. “This is going to be the best—”

“And the most fun!”

“— detention of your entire life.”

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Tonight’s Gender of the night is: a mystery


Tonight’s Gender of the night is: a mystery

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Anonymous: how do i become your friend

get twitter, talk to me on twitter. if i get chatty as fuck back and follow you it’s probably safe to add me on skype. im me first. learn to deal with the fact that im always invisible and that means i might ignore you if im not feeling super chatty one on one. continue communications thru twitter. in fact never stop? if i am on twitter but not responding on skype and you wanna chat privately DMs on twitter are always an option.

tbh it’s almost impossible to become friends with me without twitter unless i aggressively friendship at you first. i get really picky about skype chatting because i have a weird need to be entertaining one on one and it’s overwhelming and makes me nervous„

so: twitter

twitter is my answer


kinda of general heads up i guess: please use they/them/theirs when referring to me.

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Work doodles. I usually just post these on my twitter. Clearly you’re missing out on some really stupid shit

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as a side note a much faster way to fix the anti bats episode that doesnt involve a complete rewrite: swapping The Return of the Aquabats! and Anti Bats! character focuses

ricky just having a really candid conversation about his feelings with this dude with a metal skull for a head that he just met might be the most in character thing i’ve ever drawn

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i have such a love/hate relationship with the antibats episode and if they just cut out rachel all together and streamlined it so ricky fell for bass girl instead i think everything would be fixed about it. dividing the episode up like that just made it kinda cluttery and weird and dont even get me started on ricky’s creepy characterization.

so! alternative version of the ep where ricky falls for bass girl instead, and eaglebones is really mean about it and insists someone as goofy and goody-goody like ricky doesnt stand a chance with a cool lady like that. after bass girl blows ricky off (because of course she would) bones would get hella smug all TOLDJA SO and ricky would go mope somewhere.

since silver skull explicitly targeted asthma because they were angry and full of hate i figure his magic probably needs those kinds of feelings present to really work. ricky being hurt and resenting his friends for picking on him because he’s the baby of the group falls in those lines, i think. but it also makes the spell kinda easy to break he just needs a really firm reminder that his friends do in fact love and care about him.

not sure what to do with the rest of the episode. the talent show could probably be removed entirely and replaced with something else. maybe the bats asked asthma to open for them but neglected to tell them that they cant pay them because they’re broke? hm.

i imagine jimmy and bones and mcbc would fight ricky (but probably lose because they aren’t putting their all into it because OH NO HES OUR FRIEND) but crash would probably not be able to bring himself to do it at all not even half-assed. he cant hurt his buddy ok. 

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Anonymous: if you're not a girl or a boy what are you

tired and sad mostly

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  • brain: talk to people you care about, about things you care about, and do things you like to do!!!
  • depression: hold the fuck up

kinda of general heads up i guess: please use they/them/theirs when referring to me.

before work doodles

im still so heated the anti bats episode wasnt about ricky being brainwashed into an evil mind controlled version of himself who eventually gets pulled back due to the power of true friendship

like how fucking dare you

Anonymous: how can you ship ricky with any boys he is the straightest member of the band

he’s only the straighest because he’s the only one who has shown any canonical interest in girls

by this logic everyone else is the most asexual member of the band

…actually i’m down with that tbh

im going to bed but ricky commented on my instagram and i think we can all agree this is my only accomplishment in life

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