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This is my favorite PA in a while.

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This is my favorite PA in a while.

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do you ever just see a text post and feel the urge to draw it

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i believe this is all i did today yeah

so far anyway

casual reminder im shipping garbage

my doodles from tonight

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more of my dweeby cadet redesigns.

i like jay a lot. her design needs a bit of work. maybe like. snowboarder goggles?? i dunno…

nintendonut1: (・□・;)for babybones, and 。゚(TヮT)゚。 for babyricky


  • (・□・;)for babybones


It’s pretty uncomfortable seeing a good pal fall in with the Wrong Crowd.

  • 。゚(TヮT)゚。 for babyricky

He laughs most with his teammates, and laughs hardest at his leader’s amazing wit.

forgive my spelling and grammar mistakes, sometimes you just. gotta. redesign some characters.
the summer camp cadets are a little one dimensional, so i wanted to change them up a bit. i decided that tho there is an aquabat that identifies with them for shallow reasons, they each identify with a different aquabat for more personal/substantial reasons and built up from there. also i spectrumslid three out of five of them. come on guys, ALL OF THEM WERE BOYS? intensely disappointed headshaking!!!

Chauncey, 12
Mentor: MC Bat Commander
Identifies with: Jimmy the Robot
Known traits: Cheeky, cheesy, kind of a goofball!
Added traits: Self doubt, nervous in a command position, excellent planner.
Super power: Sonic waves from his voice (cannot sing as a result, too dangerous)
Instrument: Trumpet

The Commander’s protege wants more than anything to live up to his expectations, but he finds actually commanding to be… difficult. If it’s not Bobby barking orders without thinking, or his own tendency to get wrapped up in the details and what ifs, he’s somehow getting tongue tied when it comes to leadership responsibilities. Though he certainly looks up to the Commander, and wants to emulate him as best he can, he finds he can better understand Jimmy’s role in the group and sees for himself a potential future as the group’s first mate. Just… don’t tell the Commander that. Or anyone else. He’s way too scared to disappoint to ever express this desire!!
He loves music of all kinds, but especially loves ska. His superpower keeps him from being able to sing, but makes him an absolute natural on the trumpet.
Best friends with Jay, he trusts her completely and is the only one he’s vented to about his predicament. Has a huge crush on Clash, which he has not expressed to Jay but she can totally tell she has magic vision for pete’s sake. Likes Stevie well enough, also likes Bobby but gets the sense that he sees their relationship as more of a rivalry than a friendship…

Jay Sparrowhawk, 12
Mentor: Eaglebones Falconhawk
Identifies with: Ricky Fitness
Known traits: Eager to help
Added traits: Though hardly shy, she gets terrible stagefright. Never wants to be in the limelight. Considers herself as more of a support role.
Super power: Sparrow vision. Blessed by the sun god since birth, her powers are more in control than Bones’. Very in tune with nature. Can talk to and commune with animals.
Instrument: Guitar, singer

Eaglebones’ mentee is a energetic, bright young girl with a talent for the guitar. But her true passion is singing. If… only she didn’t choke on stage whenever she tried! It’s okay, though. She prefers to stay away from center stage. It’s just a shame her mentor can’t seem to see that keeps pushing her to show off!
It’s okay, though! Ricky has helped her combat her stage fright with advice that’s worked for him. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be in the limelight. She really appreciates him understanding. It doesn’t hurt that’s he’s pretty cute too…
She likes animals and bugs and getting dirty hunting for bugs and frogs with her best friend Chauncey. She’s his staunchest supporter! Gets along well enough with Clash and Stevie, has a sort of bristley relationship with Bobby.

Clash McJones, 11
Mentor: Crash McLarson
Identifies with: Eaglebones Falconhawk
Known traits: Emotionally unstable, takes direction well.
Added traits: A bit rash, easily distracted. Very sensitive.
Super power: Super strength. Weakened when emotional!
Instrument: Drums

An absolute show off, Clash McJones is the youngest of five kids, all older brothers, and boasts that she can beat all of them in an arm wrestling match any day of the week! It’s no wonder Crash takes a liking to her and takes her under his wing.
Pound for pound stronger than Crash, she’s less interested in honing her strength, and is way more occupied with learning cool poses and how to spout off one-liners. She wants to be a hero and wants all the glory that comes with it. She admires Eaglebones a lot, and takes to imitating his rad stage moves for her own moves. She’s very sensitive, and quick to anger, which is a huge issue— if she gets emotional, she loses her super strength! She should really admire Bones for his meditation skills rather than his sweet guitar licks…
Best friends with Bobby, she can be a little intimidating to people who don’t ‘get’ her. Stevie super doesn’t get her. Like, at all. Jay likes her quite a bit, and Chauncey seems to like-like her, but Clash seems oblivious.

Stephanie ‘Stevie’ Robertson, 12
Mentor: Jimmy the Robot
Identifies with: Crash McLarson
Known traits: Intelligence
Added traits: Flighty, fickle hearted, lives in the moment
Super power: None (associated cyborg powers, but not outfitted with any weaponry). Super intelligence. Some basic, non-lethal weaponry (a stun rifle, equipped with a net), and a special pair of visors for rapid calculations.
Instrument: Bass, backup vocals

Stevie is the smartest kid in her grade. Her whole school. The whole world, even. It’s not a mystery that Jimmy takes a shine to her, and encourages her natural talent in math and science.
Though not especially violent, Stevie is quick to let her emotions get the best of her. She feels her emotions 100% at all times, and as a result can’t help but empathize with Crash. When she’s sad or angry, she’s intensely miserable. It’s not hard to get under her skin, and her teammates aren’t exactly the biggest fans of her rapid mood swings. She’s likely to take it out on them!
A cyborg, the upper left part of her torso is robotics, based on the advances Ralph Goodman made when he invented Jimmy. Is ‘related’ to Jimmy (his cousin, on Martha’s side).
Good friends with Jay, her stance with the others is almost constantly in limbo. Sometimes she’s great friends with all of them, other times she’s not speaking to them because of some imagined transgression. Doesn’t especially get along with Clash, who is far and beyond the least patient with her mood swings. Has a bit of a crush on Chauncey.

Bobby Freshness, 13
Mentor: Ricky Fitness
Identifies with: MC Bat Commander
Known traits: Energetic, somewhat hesitant to listen to orders.
Added traits: Rash, loud. Thinks of himself as the leader.
Super power: Superspeed
Instrument: Singer, keyboards

Bobby’s only goal in life— to become a superhero. Being born with superspeed is a good step one, but assembling a team of minions is step two. Looks up to the MC Bat Commander and thinks of himself as a natural for the role of team leader, he’s absolutely devastated when it’s given to Chauncey over him. His mentor, Ricky Fitness, has tried to help him learn to compromise and learn to listen to his fellow teammates, but Bobby just resents him for it.
He lives his life by the Commander’s example— move forward and things will work out! He never makes a plan and takes action before getting all the facts, usually with disastrous results.
He’s as flighty and quick to fall in love as his mentor, but isn’t nearly as smooth about it. Thinks girls should just trip over themselves to get his attention.

Sees Chauncey as his rival. Has a not-so-secret crush on Jay, but Jay super isn’t interested like not even a little. Best buddies with Clash and gets along well enough with Stevie.

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forgive my spelling and grammar mistakes, sometimes you just. gotta. redesign some characters.

the summer camp cadets are a little one dimensional, so i wanted to change them up a bit. i decided that tho there is an aquabat that identifies with them for shallow reasons, they each identify with a different aquabat for more personal/substantial reasons and built up from there. also i spectrumslid three out of five of them. come on guys, ALL OF THEM WERE BOYS? intensely disappointed headshaking!!!

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  • (⑅ ‘﹃’ ) = What the character daydreams or thinks about- ricky

ricky isn’t one to daydream much, he usually stays pretty occupied and runs on a tight schedule. but when he does you can bet it’s about his crush du jour. ricky’s a hopeless romantic and just can’t help himself.

  • 。゚(TヮT)゚。 = What makes the character laugh- mcbc and bones

each other! mcbc and bones can always make each other laugh. it’s kind of a game where they try to one up each other, whoever laughs first loses. they used to keep score but it’s kinda moot at this point, it’s just something they do, whether it’s bad puns, word play or goofy voices. these two have a legitimately absurd amount of in-jokes between them that the other bats dont get like at all.

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  • ½ = How the character feels about people taller or shorter than them
  • ± = The character and what they think about math
  • † = How the character feels about murder
  • @ = How the character appears online
  • ¥ = How the character handles money or…

tomodachi bones has a mirror and everytime he uses he changes out of my CAREFULLY PICKED OUT OUTFIT for him and into THAT. i give up. i give up, do whatever you fucking want you dorky mall goth. go to hot topic and then get a fucking jamba juice, i just dont give a shit anymore

and other doodles